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Wilbur M Reeling Artwork owned by some of the Art Collectors


Some of My ART Collectors & their ART Collections

American Visionary Art Museum Private Family Collection
**Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, Director & Curator
Judge Jacqueline Jacobson and Ryan Kent Manner, OR.
Judge William M. Dunn, Baltimore
The Maryland Historical Society
Mollie Collection NYC
Margaret Gillespie & Matthew Wachsman, M.D., PhD.
H. Brett Friedman DDS Collection
Rohde PhD Johns Hopkins
Arthur H. Boccuti, (ret.) collector VP PepsiCo, Atlanta GA.
Dr. Brock Pinelli
Richard Jaffee Collection DDS
Porsche of New England
MattAllSigns Co.
AiC Porsche Sales, PA
The J. Feliciano Family Collection
Fostier Family Collection
Melissa Baldwin REALTOR®
Robert Hammel Collection NY- NJ
Simko Family Collection
Geraldine F. Bond, Ruxton, Md.
Dr. Jonathan Kaufman Baltimore, Md.
B. Foster Collection, Baltimore, Md.
Cristol Wagner Collection
Polo Pearson Collection, Atlanta, GA.
YMCA of Central Md.
Dr. Scott N. Gounaris
Café Troia Family Collection
Saki–Khosro Lousemo, MD. LLC
R. Needle Mondo Corp, GA.
Torregrossa’s private Collection
Dundore Family Collection


..."there's good Art and there's cheap Art but
there's NO good CHEAP Art"...

so, if you do it, do it Grand!

Gotteried Augusts Ruehling




Quotes about the Art & ArtistWMR


"... Wilbur, I'm inspired by your artwork and would love to apply your technique of paint and color application but with edible paint and colors (to my food). Will you teach me to how you make some of your paintings? I want to understand and share your philosophy in your art work? ..."
     -- Iron Chef Champion Katsuya Fukushima


"... Terrifically enjoy your art. Clearly a rich career, with lots of stories behind the work..."
-- George Hemphill, Director, HEMPHILL GALLERY, Washington, DC


"... being an art historian, I see references to other abstract expressionists such as Pollock, of course, but also Kandinsky and in your more precise drawing of shapes, Miró ..."
     -- Jay McKean Fisher, Ph.D., Deputy Direct for Curatorial Affairs, Baltimore Museum of Art


"... Wilbur M. Reeling’s visual result is wonderful and vibrant; an incredible quantity of exceptionally insightful high quality works ..."
     -- John Bodkin, Director, American Contemporary Gallery


“I am impressed by Wilbur M. Reeling’s extraordinarily good work!”
     -- Beverly Libby, Director, Gallery "B" Tula Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia


"... Œuvre d'art de Wilbur M. Reeling est excellent ! (Reeling’s work is excellent!)
     -- Jean-Jacques Vernaud, Director, Galerie d'art THĒS Passy Trocadéro, Paris, France


“... While others are breaking rules, Reeling is making new ones. With each movement of his brush he takes us to worlds where art and life come together with breathtaking clarity and confusion ..."
     -- Bob Graham, Baltimore Sun 


"... I particularly enjoyed (Reeling’s) Breakthrough!”
     --Eugenie Tsai, Senior Curator Permanent Collections, WHITNEY MUSEUM NYC


"... at the Ralls’s Collection, it's hard not to uncover at least a few gems. Among the noteworthy paintings is Wilbur M. Reeling's Technicolor drip painting Passage of Tears ..."
     -- Louis Jacobson, Art Critic Review, Washington DC Paper 


"... Reeling’s works are mature, intelligent and certainly quite buoyant!”
     -- I.C. Karp, Director, O.K. HARRIS GALLERY NYC


"... Wilbur M. Reeling struggles for artistic recognition and an understanding of such varied encounters as with Paul Klee, Jackson Pollack and Vasily Kandinsky have all added to the formation of his language. But from the beginning, everything is new ..."
     -- Daniel C. Nusbaum, Ph.D., Director of the Delaplaine Gallery


“Wilbur M. Reeling is a shooting star!”
     --Susanne Taffir, GREGORY GALLERY NYC


"... Reeling’s works are arresting...”
     -- Arthur H. Boccuti, V.P. Pepsi Cola Corp. COLLECTOR retired, Atlanta GA.


"...Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential..."  
-- Wassily Kandinsky



Wilbur --  11/20/2014
I don't know of any other artist then you who puts as much energy, creativity and money into and behind their art and the marketing of same.  From the quality of the materials used, to the depth of your marketing efforts, including your (mailings) digital and print efforts, it is all truly extraordinary. And your finish work, (that is to say your presentational framing) is generally exquisite. Nobody and I mean no one I've ever met or reviewed puts in your level of commitment. Individuals go only so far, and then they typical toss the project to someone else: the gallery, the publisher, the producer.  But not you. You're a self-made man that believes in his ability and its manifestations, and it shows. In the end however it's the depth of your work and its diversity that attracts the art aficionado. Now, all of that said, it is no wonder to me that your web mentions come up 10 to 1 to other artists in your genera. You're the oracle of self-promotion! You've forgotten more about photography then most people will ever know.  You've got digital plates of every piece (of Art) you've ever done. You've got a brilliant daughter who loves to make you happy. Besides, you're a perfectionist,  so it will be a success.


Arthur H. Boccuti – COLLECTOR, V.P. Pepsi Cola Corp. retired , Atlanta, GA.

(as a collector of your work some may feel I'm biased. But I'm not. We like them all, quite a bit.  And many of our visitors point to your works as their favorites in our collection. Comparatively speaking, to what your work currently sells for, you did gift them to us.  Nonetheless we paid many thousands of dollars for our collection of your work.  I'd own more if I could afford them.  You create richly contemplative and complex art. You really are top drawer.)



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